Pop Culture Download: April 29, 2018

Pop Culture Download: April 29, 2018


On the Docket

The classic Doctor Who serial Genesis of the Daleks will be screened in movie theaters on June 11. – [Entertainment Weekly]

Julie Newmar, Catwoman on the 1996 Batman television series, has experienced a non-fatal heart attack. – [13th Dimension]

The inside story of how Lost in Space was remade. – [THR]

Bob Dorough, the creator of Schoolhouse Rock, has died at the age of 94. – [CNN]

Paramount has plans for two more Star Trek films. – [TrekCore]

One of those new Star Trek films will be directed by S.J. Clarkson, the first female director of a Star Trek film. – [Variety]

The next Star Wars animated series has been announced. Star Wars: Resistance will be spearheaded by franchise favorite Dave Filoni and will be set in the sequel trilogy era. – [StarWars.com]


Keith DeCandido continues the 4-Color to 35-Millimeter: The Great Superhero Movie Rewatch with nap-time, also known as Elektra. – [Tor]


Into The Chronic Rift

The Chronic Rift: Episode 16 – In Review: April 2018
John returns with a new slew of reviews from the various corners of pop culture.  Dan Persons reviews Isle of Dogs.  J. Andrew World takes a retrospective look at the music of Todd Rundgren.  Denise Lhamon has mixed feelings about The Terror by Dan Simmons.  Ken Holtzhouser referees the debate over revivals versus reboots.  John is bringing a revamped podcast of his to the table (The OSI Files) and Michael Falkner offers a near complete listing of pop culture conventions around the world for the month of May.  It’s all here and more on a new In Review episode of The Chronic Rift.

The Chronic Rift Classic – Episode 41: Organized Religion in Science Fiction
Andrea Lipinski and Keith DeCandido welcome authors James Morrow and Thomas Disch to our Roundtable discussion on the portrayal of organized religion in science fiction literature. Plus, James Frenkel returns with the Book Notes, taking a look at some of the best genre literature for the new year and Keith reviews “20 Nude Dancers 20” by Mark Martin.

Originally Aired: January 27, 1992

Presenting the Transcription Feature: You Bet Your Life and Dragnet
First up on “You Bet Your Life,” Groucho Marx interviews a female Air Force sergeant and the parents of triplets.  Then on “Dragnet,” a brightly-colored car leads detectives Friday and Romero all around Los Angeles, from its mean streets to an amusement park.

The Chronic Rift Classic: Episode 42 – Jules Verne & H.G. Wells
Andrea Lipinski and Keith DeCandido welcome Wells biographer Brian Murray, Verne biographer Robert Quackenbush, and student Marina Frants to the studio to discuss the works of Jules Verne and H.G. Wells. Plus, artist Arlen Schumer chats about his coffee-table book, “Visions from the Twilight Zone” and our Memorable Moment is the infamous end of “Star Trek” sketch from “Saturday Night Live”.

Originally Aired: February 3, 1992

The Weekly Podioplex: April 24, 2018


The Watchlist

Currently Watching
The Flash
Black Lightning
Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD
Legends of Tomorrow
Designated Survivor
The Crossing
The 100

Waiting Room
Jessica Jones: Season Two
The Orville (Season Two premieres Fall 2018)
Doctor Who (Series Eleven premieres Fall 2018)
The Good Doctor (Season Two premieres 2018/2019)
The Good Place (Season Three premieres 2018/2019)
Game of Thrones (Season Eight premieres 2019)
Star Trek: Discovery (Season Two premieres 2019)
Lost in Space (Season Two premiere unknown)

Playing Catch Up
Madam Secretary (via CBS All Access)
The Punisher (via Netflix)

Marvel’s Inhumans – Episodes 5-8


Movie Night

This week
Avengers: Infinity War – 9/10. Seriously, if you’re a Marvel fan, go see it.

May 11 – Life of the Party – (A close friend of mine was an extra with significant camera time on this project)
May 18 – Deadpool 2 – (X-Men series #11)
May 25 – Solo: A Star Wars Story
Jun 15 – The Incredibles 2
Jun 22 – Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom
Jul 6 – Ant-Man and the Wasp – (Marvel Cinematic Universe Phase III, Chapter 8)
Jul 27 – Mission: Impossible — Fallout – (M:I #6)
Oct 5 – Venom – (Sony Spider-Man Universe revival)
Nov 2 – X-Men: Dark Phoenix – (X-Men series #12)
Nov 2 – Mulan – (Disney live-action remake)
Nov 16 – Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald – (Fantastic Beasts #2, Harry Potter #10)
Nov 21 – Ralph Breaks the Internet: Wreck-It Ralph 2 – 11/21
Dec 14 – Spider-Man: Into The Spider-Verse – (Sony Spider-Man multiverse)
Dec 21 – Aquaman – (DC Extended Universe #6)
Dec 25 – Mary Poppins Returns

Feb 2019 – The New Mutants – (X-Men series #13)
Mar 2019 – How to Train Your Dragon 3
Mar 2019 – Captain Marvel – (Marvel Cinematic Universe Phase III, Chapter 9)
Mar 2019 – Dumbo – (Disney live-action remake)
Apr 2019 – Shazam! – (DC Extended Universe #7)
May 2019 – Avengers #4 – (Marvel Cinematic Universe Phase III, Chapter 10)
May 2019 – Aladdin – (Disney live-action remake)
Jun 2019 – Gambit – (X-Men Series #14)
Jun 2019 – Men in Black Untitled – (Men in Black #4)
Jun 2019 – Toy Story 4
Jul 2019 – Spider-Man Homecoming #2 – (Marvel Cinematic Universe)
Jul 2019 – Top Gun
Jul 2019 – The Lion King – (Disney live-action remake)
Jul 2019 – Terminator sequel – (Terminator #6)
Aug 2019 – Artemis Fowl
Nov 2019 – Wonder Woman #2 – (DC Extended Universe #8)
Nov 2019 – Frozen 2
Dec 2019 – Star Wars: Episode IX
Dec 2019 – Wicked
Jul 2020 – Indiana Jones #5
Jul 2020 – Minions #2


Night at the Theater

This week

Coming soon
Hamilton at The Fox Theater in Atlanta.


Literary Pursuits

Currently reading
Diving into the works of H.P. Lovecraft
Duel in the Dark (Blood on the Stars Book One) by Jay Allan

Podcasting for Dummies (3rd Edition) by Tee Morris and Chuck Tomasi – 5/5. A must read for podcasting newbies and veterans alike.


On the Virtual Air




Adventures in Creative Criticality

The Timestamps Project
This week was the debut of the Seventh Doctor with Paradise Towers. After that, Delta and the Bannermen.

Other Musings

Upcoming Podcasts

Upcoming Appearances
May 5-7: WHOLanta 2018 – My schedule can be found here.
Aug 30-Sep 3: Dragon Con 2018


Until next time, enjoy the journey.

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