Atlanta Comic Con 2019


Atlanta Comic Con 2019
Atlanta, GA – July 12-14, 2019



I will be at Atlanta Comic Con this year! I have three panels on Saturday, so come find me and say hi!


The convention schedule is available now. The list of confirmed guests, performers, and artists is available on the official site.

Atlanta Comic Con takes place in downtown Atlanta at the Georgia World Congress Center.

Note: All schedules are tentative until the convention ends.


Saturday 11:00a – So You Want to Start a Podcast (1 hour)
Room C109
Have you wanted to start a podcast, Or do you have one and just want to talk shop? Well this is the place that will talk about how to create a show, what kind of equipment you will need to start, and where to post your new shows. In this Q&A session we will hope to point you in the right direction.

Saturday 1:30p – The MCU: What Now? (1 hour)
Room C102
The Marvel Universe has been on the big screen now for over 10 successful years, but last year it all
came crashing to a halt with a snap of a finger. Now one year later we have been introduced to Captain
Marvel and have seen the results of Avengers Endgame, but what’s next? Join the crew from the Earth
Station One Podcast as we talk about some possibilities for new directions for existing heroes and some
new ones on the horizon. We will be recording this panel live for a future episode of our podcast.

Saturday 10:00p – Holy Pop Culture: Batman at 80 (1 hour)
Room C110
Batman turns 80 this year. Join us as we spend an hour talking about his evolution over eight decades as well as his influence on and presence in popular culture. Holy puns will be kept to a minimum.





Operation Neptune: Normandy at Seventy-Five


Operation Neptune: Normandy at Seventy-Five

Titled “Into the Jaws of Death”, this photograph was taken at Omaha Beach by Chief Photographer’s Mate Robert F. Sargent


It was the largest seaborne invasion in history and a decisive Allied victory against Nazi Germany.

On June 6, 1944, approximately 156,000 Allied troops stormed the beaches of Normandy. They were preceded by extensive aerial, naval, and airborne assaults, and this effort started the push of Nazi Germany out of France. It built the foundations of victory on the Western Front in World War II. The landings commenced at 6:30am local time across a 50-mile stretch of French coastline divided into five sectors: Utah, Omaha, Gold, Juno, and Sword. The weather was bad but the fighting was worse, from heavy fire from elevated gun emplacements to anti-personnel measures like wooden stakes, metal tripods, and barbed wire that slowed the Allied advance.

The operation was a masterstroke in planning, including a large deception codenamed Operation Bodyguard that mislead the Germans. The landings were delayed a full day due to bad weather, and if the landings had not occurred on that Tuesday morning, they would have had to wait an additional two weeks for the right tides and conditions. The Allies even failed to achieve their goals on the first day, and fighting continued for days afterward. The five beaches were not connected until six days after the initial assault.

German casualties were estimated as high as 9,000 soldiers. Allied casualties numbered more than 10,000, with nearly 4,500 confirmed dead.

I want to visit Normandy someday to pay my respects and learn more about this turning point in history.

You can learn more about the depth and complexity of this operation from the multiple books and films available. Take some time today to remember these heroes and their historic sacrifices in the face of fascism.

Introducing Who’s the Doctor: Talking Outside the Box


Introducing Who’s the Doctor: Talking Outside the Box!

We are proud to announce a new Doctor Who review project, brought to you by RetroBlasting. Hosted by Gary Mitchel, Michael French, and Michael Falkner, this journey will review every televised story in a video series on the RetroBlasting YouTube channel. Each video will dive deep into the story itself, aspects of filming and production, and behind the scenes history.

Gary Mitchel is a writer, reviewer, geek blogger, gamer, sf/fantasy fan, comics reader, podcaster and International Man of Mystery (who’s too dangerous for the entire country of Canada). He is best known from RevolutionSF and the Dragon Con American Science Fiction Classics Track, and is a Doctor Who fan from the Tom Baker era thanks to the beauty of PBS. Some people have stated that he is “hilarious,” and Gary swears that said people are not related to him.

Michael French is the co-founder of RetroBlasting, a video channel that analyzes and deconstructs cartoons and toys of the 80’s which is now in its 6th year with nearly 50,000 subscribers. He maintains a large archive of vintage toys and often restores them to preserve our collective history. He is a newcomer to Doctor Who and has gravitated toward all things Tom Baker and Elisabeth Sladen.

Michael Falkner is a writer and podcaster who runs the Timestamps Project here on Creative Criticality. He got his start on The ScapeCast, and is a host of The Weekly Podioplex on The Chronic Rift Network.

Our artwork is provided by Denise Lhamon, host of The Weekly Podioplex and artist and cover designer at Accessories Not Included.


Who’s the Doctor can be found all across social media:


Our premiere comes in two parts: An introductory episode in which we discuss our mission and what we hope to achieve, and our first review with the Fourth Doctor’s first story, Robot.


Intros and Inspirations:




We hope you enjoy what we’re doing here. If you do, please spread the word to all of your friends in Doctor Who fandom. Be sure to subscribe to RetroBlasting as well for their fun and professional programming.

Debrief: Dragon Con 2018

Debrief: Dragon Con 2018
Atlanta, GA – August 30 through September 3, 2018



Dragon Con 2018 is in the books and, as always, it was a fantastic show. Crowds were a little lower this year, coming in at an estimated 80,000 against the anticipated 85,000. The vibe seemed a little off this year, but it still provided a chance to catch up with some friends and family.Read More »

Dragon Con 2018


Dragon Con 2018
Atlanta, GA – August 30 through September 3, 2018




Dragon Con!

It’s an annual tradition for me, and this year will be my tenth time attending. (Tenth year? Where did the time go?) This will also be my third year as an attending professional. If you plan to be there, these are the places where you will be able to find me over Labor Day weekend.

Fourteen program events in five days? Come find me and say hi!


The convention app is available now – look for Dragon Con by Core-apps in the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store – and contains the current schedule of events. The list of confirmed guests, performers, artists, and attending professionals is available on the official Dragon Con site.

Dragon Con itself takes place in downtown Atlanta spanning five hotels (Sheraton Atlanta, Hilton Atlanta, Atlanta Marriott Marquis, Hyatt Regency Atlanta, and Westin Peachtree Plaza) and the AmericasMart Atlanta exhibition center. The convention draws approximately 70,000 to 80,000 attendees annually, and showcases one of the city’s most popular parades on Saturday morning at 10am.

Dragon Con prides itself on contributions to charity and the community. You can find more information about those efforts on their webpage.

If you’re new to the convention, consider stopping by the Dragon Con Newbies group on Facebook. It is run by Kevin Bachelder, Sue Kisenwether, Kim McGibony, and me, and is an in-depth community resource for information about this massive (and sometimes overwhelming) event. Memberships (tickets) for this year’s convention are also still available.

If you want a printable copy of my schedule, I have a convenient PDF.


Note: All Dragon Con schedules are tentative until the convention ends on Monday. Even then, things are a bit suspect. As things change before the convention, I’ll update this post.

    • 10 August 2018: Updated panelists for ESW Presents: 12th Doctor Retrospective.
    • 21 August 2018: Updated schedule based on official release.
    • 28 August 2018: Removed Saturday Roll-a-Panel due to other commitments. Added link to printable schedule.


Based on some personal scheduling changes, I wont be downtown until Thursday morning. I’ll probably snag the Hard Rock Dragon Con gear then.

I will be around starting Wednesday, pretty much wandering the hotels, picking up my Hard Rock Dragon Con gear, and catching up with some friends.


2:30p-5:00p: Dragon Con Newbies Walking and Rolling Tours (2.5 hours)
Main Programming
Marriott Marquis, Atrium Level, A601-A602
Want to learn your way around the hotels? Did you know there’s a food court? Come on a tour & meet other newbies. Tours leave every 30 minutes.
Panelists include: Kevin Bachelder, Sue Kisenwether, Kim McGibony

5:30p-6:30p: Dragon Con Newbies Q&A (1 hour)
Main Programming
Marriott Marquis, Atrium Level, A601-A602
First Dragon Con? Confused or overwhelmed? Savvy con attendees will share tips & tricks.
Panelists include: Kevin Bachelder, Sue Kisenwether, Kim McGibony


10:00a: Dragon Con Newbies Q&A (1 hour)
Main Programming
Regency V – Hyatt
First Dragon Con? Confused or overwhelmed? Savvy con attendees will share tips & tricks.
Panelists include: Kevin Bachelder, Sue Kisenwether, Kim McGibony

Who Framed Roger Rabbit: 30 Years of Speech Impediments and Burning Biscuits (1 hour)
Rescheduled to Saturday at 11:30a

Social Media and the Impact on MSF Media (1 hour)
Removed due to scheduling conflict

2:30p: Classic Sci-Fi Remakes: Westworld, Lost in Space, Planet of Apes (1 hour)
American Science Fiction Classics
Marriott Marquis, Marquis Level, M103-M105

Remakes of classic sci-fi can be incredible, terrible, or terribly incredible — discuss which is which when we look at recent remakes such as Westworld, Lost in Space, and more!
Panelists include: Bethany Kesler, Mark H Wandrey, Andrew E.C. Gaska, Shaun Rosado

4:00p: Admiral Holdo – A Fan Discussion (1 hour)
Star Wars
Marriott Marquis, Atrium Level, A706
Has there ever been such a polarizing character in the Saga? From her background story in Leia, Princess of Alderaan, to her battle prowess in The Last Jedi, we discuss the character and her decisions and how they may have forever altered the galaxy.
Panelists include: Sue Kisenwether, Bethany Blanton, Thomas Harper, Sarah Dempster

8:30p: The Greatest Michaels and Michelles in Classic Sci-Fi (1 hour)
American Science Fiction Classics
Marriott Marquis, Marquis Level, M103-M105
A panel consisting exclusively of people named Michael presents a tribute to Michaels and Michelles real and unreal from classic sci-fi TV and movies. All Michaels and Michelles welcome!
Panelists include:  Mike Faber, Michael R Bailey, Michael Gordon, Michael D. French, any other American Science Fiction Classics Track Irregular named Michael


11:30a: Who Framed Roger Rabbit: 30 Years of Speech Impediments and Burning Biscuits (1 hour)
American Science Fiction Classics
Marriott Marquis, Marquis Level, M103-M105
Guys. In this movie, Daffy Duck and Donald Duck had a piano battle. Other stuff happened too, but come on.
Panelists include: John Hudgens, Jonathan Williams

2:30p: Lost in Space: Welcome Aboard the Jupiter 2.0 (1 hour)
American Science Fiction and Fantasy Media
Marriott Marquis, Marquis Level, M301-M303
Netflix brought us a big budget upgrade to a beloved classic, with some new twists and some gender bending, and a touch of stunt casting. It set us up for a new series that will continue to be Lost on Netflix for some years to come.
Panelists include: Clay and Susan Griffith, David Boop, Will Nix, Lindy Keelan

4:00p: Classic Sci-Fi Roll-a-Panel: 1978 and 1998 (1 hour)
Removed due to scheduling conflict.

5:30p: Fandom Toxicity: What Can We Do? (1 hour)
American Science Fiction and Fantasy Media/Star Wars
Marriott Marquis, Atrium Level, A601-A602

How dare they have a female Starbuck or a black stormtrooper! Are we too entitled or too possessive? We’ll discuss the bad aspects of these behaviors that are alienating people, and what we can do to encourage more positive interactions. How can you express your dismay without “nerd rage”™?
Panelists include: Brian Larsen, Britnay Ferguson, Shaun Rosado, Swara SalihSue Kisenwether

7:00p: Jurassic Park: Hanging On To Your Butts for 25 Years (1 hour)
American Science Fiction Classics
Marriott Marquis, Marquis Level, M103-M105

Inflatable T-Rexes and shirt-open Ian Malcolm cosplayers welcome!
Panelists include: Alex White, Sue Kisenwether, John Hudgens

8:30p: Classic Sci-Fi Remakes: Westworld, Lost in Space, Planet of Apes (1 hour)
Rescheduled to Friday at 2:30p


Classic Sci-Fi Court: Defending Star Wars Holiday Special, Mac & Me, LXG (1 hour)
Removed due to scheduling conflict. Panel has been rescheduled to Monday at 11:30a.

2:30p: ESW Presents: 12th Doctor Retrospective (1 hour)
Hilton, Galleria 5
The Earth Station Who podcast crew host a retrospective of the Twelfth Doctor from the introduction of the Angry Eyebrows to his struggle to be a Good Man to ending where he began. Sonic sunglasses optional.
Panelists include: Mike Faber, Michael Gordon, Sue Kisenwether, Mary Ogle, Robert Bowen


11:30a: Luke Skywalker, Hero? (1 hour)
Star Wars
Marriott Marquis, Atrium Level, A706
In the Original Trilogy, Luke Skywalker worked his way through The Hero’s Journey. But we see a very different Luke in The Last Jedi. Did he make it back to being a hero? Did he ever stop?
Panelists include: Bryan Young, Nanci Schwartz, Thomas Harper, Bruce Gibson, Riley Blanton

1:00p: Lois & Clark: Super-Romantic 25th Anniversary (1 hour)
American Science Fiction Classics
Marriott Marquis, Marquis Level, M103-M105
This panel will last an hour, the same time it took us to download Teri Hatcher photos when the show was on.
Panelists include: Michael R BaileyMichael D. French, James Palmer, Michael George Williams


Debrief: WHOlanta 2018

Debrief: WHOlanta 2018
Atlanta, GA – May 4-6, 2018



WHOlanta 2018 is in the books and it was a fun show. It provided a chance to catch up with some friends and family, and it also opened the door to some new connections and possibilities.

First, I’d like to thank Darin Bush for putting up with all of our antics this weekend.  I deeply appreciate the space in your OtherWorlds slice of the con, and after seeing your leadership in action, you’re on the list. No, not that one, but rather one of convention track directors that I would work for on a moment’s notice. Alongside Darin, I also owe a huge debt of gratitude to Erin McGourn and Gary Mitchel for keeping the OtherWorlds engine humming its chaotic harmony.

The opening salvo was welcoming attendees with a sorting ceremony for various science fiction characters. This was a first for me, and Bethany Kesler was key in breaking some of the rust free on my Houses of Hogwarts knowledge, including sharing a beautifully crafted description of each house that goes well beyond the basic of bravery, loyalty, intelligence, and ambition.

(By the way, E.T. is a Slytherin. We proved it this weekend. Bethany and Erin also have very convincing arguments for sorting Leia Organa and Steve Rogers into Slytherin. Ask them some time.)

Bethany and I have been working together at Dragon Con for years, but we definitely learned so much more about each other in the Late Night Nerd Fight sparring match. The assembled panel of moderator Erin, Darin, Gary, Bethany, and Jennifer Hartshorn were able to break me in the battle between Star Wars Rebels and Dark Matter. It was a ton of fun.

I really enjoyed working with Jennifer face-to-face for the first time. We have been on a handful of podcasts together in the past, but there’s so much more to feeding off physical cues. Jennifer has some great insights into Marvel films, and she was awesome during the Infinity War and Black Panther discussions. Outside of formal panels, it’s really fun just to sit and chat with her after all was said and done for the day. I also appreciated her support and feedback from the audience during the Star Wars panels.

Speaking of Star Wars, I finally got a chance to participate in the larger discussions of mythology and story in the GFFA, as well as an inadvertent tangent into the state of fandom. On that journey, I got to meet Christine Evans and Adam Throne, both of whom are amazing people. I’m glad to have met them this weekend and hope to work with them again soon.

I also got to work with Michael French on a con panel for what we’re both calling the first time. Our real first panel together was a Batman anniversary celebration at Dragon Con some years ago, and we have also been on countless Roll-a-Panel events at Dragon Cons past, but this is the first time we have been on a discussion panel together since we started seriously collaborating in the creative space. Michael is a smart guy with views on pop culture that challenge us to think outside the proverbial box, and I admire his style both as a humorist and a conversation driver. I enjoyed his insights on our current 1980s nostalgia and appreciated his thoughtful questions during the podcasting panel. I’m really looking forward to what comes next.

On the podcasting front, I loved catching up with Mike Faber, his wife Judy, and Michael Gordon of the Earth Station One network. This family is among the most open and giving people I know, and seeing them always brings a smile to my face. Sitting with Mike, Michael, Gary, and Erin on a panel about podcasting was a blast, and it also gave me the opportunity to meet Kirby Bartlett-Sloan of the 20MB Doctor Who Podcast. I also got to meet with Joe and Toni of The Watch-A-Thon of Rassilon, JC and Rita De La Torre of Seekers of the Lost Worlds, and the incredible Mark Maddox.

One of the biggest highlights of the show was talking about the 25th anniversary of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine with my con bosses Darin, Gary, and the WHOlanta convention chair R. Alan Siler. Alan and I had not collaborated before this convention and it was stunning to see just how in sync we were about DS9 and our admiration of the series.  Alan also debuted Children of Time: The Companions of Doctor Who at the convention, and I was sure to snag a copy. I’m looking forward to reading it.

Some of my other favorite conversations this weekend: The current state of digital media (with Darin, Erin, and Gary); Justice League (with Gary, Mike Faber, and Adam); Star Trek: Discovery (with Bethany and the ever insightful Robert Lloyd); the Black Panther panel (watching Jennifer, Erin, Jessa Phillips, and Kamassa Herrmann discuss this film was amazing); and Indiana Jones and Brushes with History (Darin, Erin, Bethany, and Michael French have good panel chemistry, and Michael was in his finest Indy garb for the occasion).

The weekend was only amplified by the attendees. I adore the civility of the panel audiences at WHOlanta. The discussions and debates focused on topics and ideas, not personal attacks or opinions presented as facts. It is clear that the Internet Fanboy Mentality did not attend this convention.

Last but not least, I want to thank the convention organizers and staff for welcoming my wife and me as new volunteers.

WHOlanta 2018

WHOlanta 2018
Atlanta, GA – May 4-6, 2018



[Post updated on May 1st to reflect schedule and guest changes.]

WHOlanta is an annual convention celebrating Doctor Who, British media, and speculative fiction. It is a fan-run convention and has been around since 2005 as TimeGate. Past guests have included Katy Manning, Michelle Gomez, Colin Baker, Nicola Bryant, Sophie Aldred, Mary Tamm, Camille Coduri, John Levene, Colin Spaull and Caitlin Blackwood, script editors Terrance Dicks and Andrew Cartmel, composer Dominic Glynn, film editor Louis Robinson, writer Jamie Mathieson, and many more.

This year’s guests include Louise Jameson, Rachel Talalay, Richard Starkings, Kelly Yates, and PixelWho.

I will be volunteering mostly as a panelist for the OtherWorlds Track. The convention runs from May 4-6, and you can find more info at their official site.

(As always, the schedule is subject to change and isn’t completely official until the convention is over. Even then, it’s still a bit suspect.)


So where can you find me during the con?


Friday, May 4

6:00p – Opening Ceremony and WHOlanta 101
Main Programming
Grand Salon

7:00p – Sorting Hat: Welcome to OtherWorlds
OtherWorlds Programming
Grand Salon H

It all started with, “Princess Leia is a Slytherin.” Meet the OtherWorlds team and help them sort characters from fandoms past & present into their Hogwarts house.


I’m not on any Friday panels yet, so I’ll be seeing the sights, picking up some pre-ordered swag, and generally wandering about.


Saturday, May 5

12:00p – Sorting the CW DC Heroes: Wearing Green Doesn’t Make Arrow a Slytherin!
OtherWorlds Programming
Grand Salon H

Jump in the Waverider, pull up your hood, and help us put the Sorting Hat on your favorite DC television heroes.

1:00p – The Last Jedi: What Did the Fans Want?
OtherWorlds Programming
Grand Salon H

Star Wars Episode 7 asked some questions. Episode 8 seems to have forgotten to answer some of them. The old characters got a lot of screen time, but was it too much? What were we expecting, and did we get any of it?

2:00p – I Want My MP3s: The Current State of Digital Media
OtherWorlds Programming
Grand Salon H

Net Neutrality falls. Star Trek is pay to watch. Netflix wins a Golden Globe. E-books in myriad formats & movies on your phone. How does a geek navigate these digital changes?

4:00p – The 80s Effect: Stranger Things & the New Nostalgia
OtherWorlds Programming
Grand Salon H

In the 1980s, geek culture exploded like Harrison Ford’s bank account. The 80s are showcased in current media like Super 8, Stranger Things, and Ready Player One. Why is that decade cool again?

6:00p – Discovery: To Canon or Not to Canon?
OtherWorlds Programming
Grand Salon H

Star Trek is good about continuity, right? No? Maybe that’s not why we watch. Is Discovery good enough a show to forgive any continuity problems?

7:00p – JLA: Another Misstep or a Step in the Right Direction?
OtherWorlds Programming
Grand Salon H

Finally, a Super Friends movie! Was it worth the wait? Where does it fall on the DC movie spectrum? Did it make you demand Justice at Dawn, or did it fill you with Wonder?

8:00p – Marvel Infinity Wars Has Some Serious Stones
OtherWorlds Programming
Grand Salon H

Avengers. Spider-Man. Guardians. Wakanda. Thanos. Infinity Stones. <keyboard drop>

9:00p – Always Looking to the Horizon: New Generations in Star Wars
OtherWorlds Programming
Grand Salon H

In Star Wars movies, young people sweep away the old, for good or ill, out of ambition or from the calling. From Padme & Anakin, through Luke & Leia, to Rey & Ben, the children shall lead them.

11:00p – Late Night Nerd Fight: Spaceship TV Shows
OtherWorlds Programming
Grand Salon H

Eight spaceship television shows go into the bracket, but only one survives. You get to help decide. We have no wormholes, but you might get trapped in a well, actually.


Sunday, May 6

1:00p – Podcasting: Something to Say
OtherWorlds Programming
Grand Salon H

Why do we podcast? What drives us to keep putting out episode after episode? How did we get started?

4:00p – Deep Space Nine: Boldly Orbiting Bajor for 25 Years
OtherWorlds Programming
Grand Salon H

Commander Sisko punched an omnipotent being in the face, setting the tone for the fourth Star Trek TV series with, “I’m not Picard.” Head to the Promenade, order a Raktajino, and celebrate this unique take on Trek with us!

5:00p – Sorting Hat: Wrapping up OtherWorlds
OtherWorlds Programming
Grand Salon H

The show is almost over, but fandom is eternal. Close out the OtherWorlds track by bringing your favorite character from the weekend to be sorted into their Hogwarts house.

6:00p – Closing Ceremony
Main Programming
Grand Salon