The Thing About Today – October 2

October 2, 2020
Day 276 of 366


October 2nd is the 276th day of the year. It is Independence Day in Guinea as they celebrate their 1958 separation from France.


In the United States, today is “celebrated” as National Produce Misting Day, National Custodial Worker’s Recognition Day, National Name Your Car Day, National Fried Scallops Day, National Manufacturing Day, and National Body Language Day. The last two are typically observed on the first Friday in October.


Historical items of note:

  • In 1528, William Tyndale published The Obedience of a Christian Man, which advocated the divine right of kings.
  • In 1535, Jacques Cartier discovered the present site of Montreal.
  • In 1800, American slave and uprising leader Nat Turner was born.
  • In 1869, Indian freedom fighter, activist, and philosopher Mahatma Gandhi was born.
  • In 1870, a plebiscite held in Rome supported the annexation of the city of Rome by the Kingdom of Italy.
  • In 1890, comedian and actor Groucho Marx was born.
  • In 1895, comedian Bud Abbott was born.
  • In 1919, United States President Woodrow Wilson suffered a massive stroke, leaving him incapacitated for several weeks.
  • In 1945, singer-songwriter and guitarist Don McLean was born.
  • In 1948, actor and singer Avery Brooks was born.
  • Also in 1948, Indian model and actress Persis Khambatta was born.
  • Also in 1948, singer-songwriter and sculptor Chris LeDoux was born.
  • In 1949, photographer Annie Leibovitz was born.
  • In 1955, Alfred Hitchcock Presents premiered on television.
  • In 1957, The Bridge on the River Kwai was released to theaters.
  • In 1959, Rod Serling’s anthology series The Twilight Zone premiered on CBS. The first episode was “Where Is Everybody?”
  • In 1967, Thurgood Marshall was sworn in as the first African-American justice of the United States Supreme Court.


October 2nd is Batik Day (Hari Batik Nasional), which is an Indonesian cultural day for celebrating batik, the traditional cloth of Indonesia.

October 2nd is the anniversary of UNESCO’s 2009 recognition of batik as a Masterpiece of Oral and Intangible Heritage of Humanity. On that day, the map of Indonesian batik diversity by Hokky Situngkir was opened for public for the first time by the Indonesian Ministry of Research and Technology in Jakarta.

Batik is a traditional Indonesian cloth that has roots in the country’s historical artwork. In celebration of their culture, Indonesians dress head-to-toe in batik for the holiday. Now, Batik Day is celebrated across a number of platforms all over the world, particularly in Indonesian organizations ranging from universities, church groups, and communities all around the world. These Indonesian organizations usually celebrate Batik Day as well in order to create awareness of Indonesia’s traditional fabric to other cultures.


The Thing About Today is an effort to look at each day of 2020 with respect to its historical context.

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