Creative Criticality Programming Notes for Dragon Con 2017


Creative Criticality Programming Notes for Dragon Con 2017



Dragon Con approaches, and with that comes some time away to both prepare for and attend the convention. The following programming notes are in effect through Labor Day weekend.


The Weekly Podioplex: The Weekly Podioplex‘s August 22 edition will cover two weeks in releases. The show will return to The Chronic Rift Network for the September 5 edition.

The Timestamps Project: Timestamp 124: Arc of Infinity will publish on August 23. The Timestamps Project will return on September 6 with Timestamp 125: Snakedance.

Fortnight Philosophy: Fortnight Philosophy will be unaffected. The next publication is on August 28.


My Dragon Con schedule will go live right here on Creative Criticality after the convention schedule is made public. T-minus ten days and counting.



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