Timestamp #11: The Rescue

Doctor Who: The Rescue
(2 episodes, s02e10-e11, 1965)

Timestamp 011 The Rescue

This one was a quick but interesting story to introduce Vicki as a new companion. She seems to be written as a direct replacement for Susan, but the Doctor treats her better. From a production standpoint, the creature designs were pretty cool, and I thought that Sandy was kind of a cute little beastie. I also like how they showed (deliberately or not) some type of TARDIS interior from outside the ship.

The story has a nice twist, but it’s also rather tragic. Overall, it helps further establish the Doctor’s view on preserving life with his anger toward the near genocide of the Dido.

There were two smaller things that grabbed my attention. First, that rocket ship has one strong antenna to survive the crash without breaking. Perhaps they should make the entire ship from that material. I’m kidding of course; they needed to show the audience that the ship was trying to communicate. Second, the TARDIS doesn’t land, but instead materializes.


Rating: 4/5 – “Would you care for a jelly baby?”


UP NEXT – Doctor Who: The Romans


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5 thoughts on “Timestamp #11: The Rescue

  1. IMHO outgoing script editor David Whitaker knew these characters better than anyone so what better than to have him write the first story edited by the new script editor and basically have a story that re-establishes all the relationships and establishes new companion Vicki? The Doctor has come a long way as you observed and his anger at the loss of life in the final confrontation is beautiful. You really get the sense that Hartnell is a force to be reckoned with.

  2. So he treats a near-stranger better than his own granddaughter….wonderful. At least he seems to have a heart because he does value preserving life (at least in this situation).

  3. Sadly, he does treat Vicki better and Vicki turns out to be a better character than Susan. All the things Susan left the show over and they are quickly resolved, for the most part, with Vicki. Susan deserved better.

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