Culture on My Mind – Sci-Fi Metal of Death and Rock

Culture on My Mind

Culture on My Mind
Sci-Fi Metal of Death and Rock
April 30, 2021

It’s time for another round of discussions and mayhem about classic science fiction, brought to you by the fine folks at the Dragon Con American Sci-Fi Classics Track.

On April 15th, Chad Shonk, Jonathan Williams, Jeff Burns, and Amy Splitt stopped by to take your clothes, your boots, and your motorcyle. It has been three decades since T2: Judgment Day graced theater screens, and the classics cast was eager to talk about it.

On April 22nd, a different kind of metal was on the table. Heavy metal music and sci-fi and fantasy are inextricably connected, from album covers to Tolkien references and beyond. Metal experts Mark Finn, Sean Reid, Kevin Cafferty, and Tom Morris took the stage to explain how GWAR, KISS, Steinman, Frazetta, and more influenced the genre was love.


We’re all caught up for now. Fun times lay ahead, and if you want to play along at home, get thee hence to the YouTube channel and the group on Facebook. If you join in live, you can also leave comments and participate in the discussion using StreamYard connected through Facebook, YouTube, and Twitch.

The episode art each week is generously provided by the talented Sue Kisenwether. You can find her (among other places) on Women at Warp – A Roddenberry Star Trek Podcast.


Culture on My Mind is inspired by the weekly Can’t Let It Go segment on the NPR Politics Podcast where each host brings one thing to the table that they just can’t stop thinking about.

For more creativity with a critical eye, visit Creative Criticality.


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