Culture on My Mind – Battle of the Bands

Culture on My Mind
March 26, 2021

It’s time for this week’s second helping of science fiction classics, and this time we’re going to rock.

On March 4th, the first round began as Kevin Cafferty, Chris Cummins, Shaun Rosado, and Leigh Tyberg considered sixteen performers from the depths of classic sci-fi.

On March 11th, Round Two began with the jury of Toni Ann Marini, Kevin Cafferty, Chris Cummins, Shaun Rosado, and Leigh Tyberg.

On March 18th, this classic trilogy of musical mayhem converged with the illustrious panel of Keith DeCandido and Wrenn Simms (sharing one screen and, allegedly, one vote), Kevin Cafferty, Chris Cummins, Shaun Rosado, and Leigh Tyberg.

If you want to experience each of the competitors, you can do so through these convenient YouTube playlists:

We’re all caught up now with the exception of the March 25th panel. Rumor says that it involves another battle, but this time it’s all about AH-nold. After all, if it bleeds, Schwarzenegger can kill it.

There are also rumors that the March musical madness is not the end of the battle of the bands. There’s still time for King Thunder!

Gary and Joe have a lot more fun discussions planned. If you want to play along at home, get thee hence to the YouTube channel and the group on Facebook. If you join in live, you can also leave comments and participate in the discussion using StreamYard connected through Facebook, YouTube, and Twitch.


Culture on My Mind is inspired by the weekly Can’t Let It Go segment on the NPR Politics Podcast where each host brings one thing to the table that they just can’t stop thinking about.

For more creativity with a critical eye, visit Creative Criticality.


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