The Thing About Today – November 6

November 6, 2020
Day 311 of 366

November 6th is the 311th day of the year. It is National Saxophone Day in the United States, commemorating the birth of the instrument’s inventor, Adolphe Sax, on November 6th.

In the United States, today is “celebrated” as National Jersey Friday (typically the first Friday in November) and National Nachos Day.

Historical items of note:

  • In 1814, Belgian-French instrument designer Adolphe Sax was born. He was the inventor of the saxophone.
  • In 1854, composer and bandleader John Philip Sousa was born.
  • In 1869, Rutgers College defeats Princeton University (then known as the College of New Jersey) by a score of 6-4 in New Brunswick, New Jersey. It was the first official intercollegiate American football game. It coordinates well with National Jersey Friday and National Nachos Day.
  • In 1880, Japanese businessman and politician Yoshisuke Aikawa was born. He founded the Nissan Motor Company.
  • In 1914, actor Jonathan Harris was born.
  • In 1946, actress Sally Field was born.
  • In 1947, Meet the Press, the longest continuously running television program in history, made its debut.
  • In 1957, actress Lori Singer was born.
  • In 1958, actor Trace Beaulieu was born.
  • In 1966, actor Peter DeLuise was born.
  • In 1972, model and actress Rebecca Romijn was born.
  • Also in 1972, actress Thandie Newton was born.
  • In 1986, a British International Helicopters Boeing 234LR Chinook crashed 2.5 miles east of Sumburgh Airport, killing 45 people. It is the deadliest civilian helicopter crash on record.
  • In 1988, actress Emma Stone was born.
  • In 2001, the television series 24 premiered.
  • In 2012, Barack Obama was reelected as President of the United States.
  • Also in 2012, Tammy Baldwin became the first openly gay politician to be elected to the United States Senate.

November 6th is the International Day for Preventing the Exploitation of the Environment in War and Armed Conflict.

This United Nations day was established on November 5, 2001 by the United Nations General Assembly. It’s focus is to prevent, by all of the tools from dialogue and mediation to preventive diplomacy, to keep the unsustainable exploitation of natural resources from fueling and financing armed conflict and destabilizing the fragile foundations of peace.

The Thing About Today is an effort to look at each day of 2020 with respect to its historical context.

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