Culture on My Mind – May the Conference Be With You

Culture on My Mind
May 4, 2020


I’m a little early this week, but for this purely made-up internet holiday for one of my favorite franchises, I thought I’d tie my “can’t let it go” to the pandemic.

If you’re still sheltered for the pandemic like I am, the folks at Lucasfilm have a solution to add a little flair to your teleconferences. They have offered up a gallery of images to use as your background on Zoom (or other compatible video conferences) to give your meeting a little GFFA style. Simply click on one of the pictures at the blog post to expand it to full resolution, save it to your computer or device, and follow the instructions in your video conferencing software to set your new office far far away.

Source: Join Meetings from a Galaxy Far, Far Away with These Star Wars Backgrounds via (April 16, 2020)

I’m partial to the classic background paintings like Bespin and Tatooine, but the dusty solitude of Jakku and the busy cityscape of Coruscant also tickle my fancy. You can go to a Rebel or Resistance base, call in from the bridge of a Star Destroyer, or even give a project status update from the winter wonderland of Hoth.

Despite being physically separated during the pandemic (depending on your locale), I hope that this adds a little bit of Star Wars joy to your fan festivities.


Culture on My Mind is inspired by the weekly Can’t Let It Go segment on the NPR Politics Podcast where each host brings one thing to the table that they just can’t stop thinking about.

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