The Thing About Today – September 22

September 22, 2020
Day 266 of 366


September 22nd is the 266th day of the year. We have 100 days left in 2020.

It is the autumnal equinox in the Northern Hemisphere (welcome to Fall!) and the vernal equinox in the Southern Hemisphere (welcome to Spring!).


In the United States, today is “celebrated” as National Online Recovery DayCar Free Day, Dear Diary Day, National Centenarian’s Day, Elephant Appreciation Day, National Girls’ Night, Hobbit Day, National Ice Cream Cone Day, National Legwear Day, National White Chocolate Day, and National Voter Registration Day (typically observed on the fourth Tuesday in September).


I’ll spare you the typical spiel on voting. Just know that I think it is vitally important and I encourage you to get registered and turn out on Election Day. In the United States, we have 42 days to go.


Historical items of note:

  • In 1692, the last hanging occurred of those convicted of witchcraft in the Salem witch trials. The others would eventually be released.
  • In 1776, Nathan Hale was hanged for spying during the American Revolution.
  • In 1789, the office of United States Postmaster General was established.
  • In 1791, English physicist and chemist Michael Faraday was born. His main discoveries include the principles underlying electromagnetic induction, diamagnetism, and electrolysis.
  • In 1862, a preliminary version of the Emancipation Proclamation was released by President Abraham Lincoln.
  • In 1896, Queen Victoria surpassed her grandfather King George III as the longest reigning monarch in British history.
  • In 1919, the steel strike of 1919, led by the Amalgamated Association of Iron and Steel Workers, began in Pennsylvania before spreading across the United States.
  • In 1957, Maverick premiered on television.
  • In 1964, The Man from U.N.C.L.E. premiered on television.
  • In 1965, astronaut Robert Satcher was born.
  • In 1971, author and poet Elizabeth Bear was born.
  • In 1976, Charlie’s Angels premiered on television.
  • In 1981, voice actor Ashley Eckstein was born.
  • In 1982, actress and singer Billie Piper was born.
  • Also in 1982, Family Ties premiered on television.
  • In 1984, actress Laura Vandervoort was born.
  • In 1985, actress Tatiana Maslany was born.
  • In 1987, actor Tom Felton was born.
  • In 1991, the Dead Sea Scrolls were made available to the public for the first time.
  • In 1994, Friends premiered on television.
  • In 1999, The West Wing premiered on television.
  • In 2004, LOST premiered on television.
  • Also in 2004, Veronica Mars premiered on television.


In 1949, the American Business Women’s Association was founded.

The mission of the organization is “to bring together businesswomen of diverse occupations and to provide opportunities for them to help themselves and others grow personally and professionally through leadership; education, networking support and national recognition”.

To celebrate the date, September 22nd is American Business Women’s Day. The holiday was recognized in 1983 and 1986 by Congressional resolution and a proclamation issued by President Ronald Reagan, and is designed to commemorate the important legacy and contributions of the more than 68 million American working women and 7.7 million women business owners.

It also provides an opportunity for ABWA chapters and individual businesswomen to celebrate their accomplishments within the American and global marketplace.


The Thing About Today is an effort to look at each day of 2020 with respect to its historical context.

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