Who’s the Doctor: Talking Outside the Box

Note: This project officially ended on January 20, 2020 with four videos published. Two additional videos (Genesis of the Daleks and Scratchman) were filmed but not produced as of the cancellation date.


Hosted by Gary Mitchel, Michael French, and Michael Falkner, this journey will review every televised Doctor Who story in a video series on the RetroBlasting YouTube channel. Each video will dive deep into the story itself, aspects of filming and production, and behind the scenes history.

The season to be reviewed in each set of videos will be determined by the RetroBlasting patrons, and voting rights are given to any patron who pledges a dollar or more. For more information on how to contribute to the channel, please visit the RetroBlasting Patreon.

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For more information on the video project itself, please visit the introduction post here on Creative Criticality.


Set #1: Season Twelve – Fourth Doctor (1974-1975)