Seriously, Twitter?

You know, I’m a fan of Twitter and its potential, but there is one thing I’m getting tired of seeing.

You’d think after all this time, they’d have things figured out, you know?  It’s becoming a little ridiculous.

Shifting Colors

Live Journal, huh?  Nifty.

I’m shifting over here from the old site at Blogger.  They’ve got some great functionality there, but it’s almost a little too complicated.  While I’m not giving up the dream of owning my own domain, I’m going to simplify a bit and hang out here.

Things are picking back up again with The Scapecast, but I still have yet to get back in the writing spirit for my other projects.  I’ll use this space to keep tabs on progress there as well.

Aside from all that, I’m just getting ready for Dragon*Con.