Timestamp Supplemental #3: A Twelfth Doctor Retrospective

A Twelfth Doctor Retrospective
Earth Station Who: Episode 193


This week marked another trip in the TARDIS to Earth Station Who. While I was there, I joined Mike Faber, Michael Gordon, Mary Ogle, and Sue Kisenwether in a discussion of the Twelfth Doctor. This episode was recorded live at Dragon Con 2018, and spanned the era from Angry Eyebrows to the struggle to be a good man. Sonic sunglasses were optional.

As always, I recommend taking the transmat to their site and listening to the podcasts. They cover everything from the Doctor Who franchise, from the classic and new televised episodes to the Big Finish audio and everything in the middle. During the regular seasons, they review the new episodes on a weekly basis, and during the off-season, they take a look back at some of their favorite (and not so favorite) adventures in time and space.

If you enjoy what you hear, leave a review in all the regular places, and also consider joining their fan community on Facebook. The ESW crew has built a fantastic community of fans, and it’s far more respectful than a lot of places on the internet. They are fans who love the series and want to share that love with fellow fans worldwide.

Earth Station Who is a podcast in the ESO Network, which includes the flagship show Earth Station One.



The Timestamps Project is an adventure through the televised universe of Doctor Who, story by story, from the beginning of the franchise. For more reviews like this one, please visit the project’s page at Creative Criticality.






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