Update on The Chronic Rift Network

From May 4th to May 17th, 2014, here’s what happened in the weeks that were on The Chronic Rift Network.

May 5 – Doctor of the Dead #9: The Walking Dead Webisodes – “Torn Apart”
We tear apart “Torn Apart,” the first of The Walking Dead webisode series originally posted online just before Season 2 in October 2011…and no, it isn’t very pretty. Join “Doctor of the Dead” Dr. Arnold T. Blumberg and co-host Scott Alan Woodard as they examine the brief origin of the iconic “Bicycle Zombie!”

May 6 – The Cinefantastique Spotlight: The Amazing Spider-Man 2
The Cinefantastique Online team of Steve Biodrowski, Lawrence French, and Dan Persons suss out Peter Parker’s latest adventure.

May 7 – SciFi Diner Podcast: Ep. 204 – Jim Arrowood Interviews Keith R. A. DeCandido, Author Of The Klingon Art of War (Star Trek)
Passed down from the time of Kahless, ten precepts have shaped Klingon culture and indoctrinated Klingons in the Way of the Warrior. With this new translation, people from all walks of life—and all worlds—can harness the ancient Klingon wisdom and learn to embody courage, discipline, and honor. Jim Arrowood talks to the Rift’s own Keith R. A. DeCandido about his latest honorable and glorious Star Trek work.

May 10 – The Weekly Podioplex: May 6, 2014
Spidey’s in first, but the ladies of The Other Woman have their sights set on the webcrawler. I bring you this and more on a new edition of The Weekly Podioplex.

May 10 – The Chronic Rift Spotlight: Keith R. A. DeCandido on The Klingon Art of War
Keith gets the opportunity to sit on the other side of the Chronic Rift table as a guest. His latest Star Trek work, The Klingon Art of War has just been released and he sits with John to discuss the development and writing of the book. Take a listen as Keith explains all including what is happening with his Dragon Precinct series on a new Spotlight episode.

May 11 – Hour of the Wolf Movie Review: Transcendence
Dan Persons reviews the latest effort to probe Johnny Depp’s consciousness.

May 11 – Presenting the Transcription Feature: Yours Truly, Johnny Dollar
“Yours Truly, Johnny Dollar” starred Bob Bailey as “the man with the action-packed expense account.” A freelance insurance investigator, Dollar was called in to investigate burglaries and suspicious deaths. If he could recover the item or solve a murder, the insurance company might not have to pay off. In exchange, Dollar got a commission, and, of course, his expenses reimbursed. The show shifted from a weekly half-hour to 15 minutes five days a week. This time host Kevin Lauderdale presents all five episodes of one of Dollar’s most unusual cases.

May 11 – The Dan & Travis Show: Episode Zero-Two-Four – Say Hey!, Bachelor Hijinks, Which Sterling?, and More Impossible Travia
What happens when you put Julian on his High Horse together with Sports with Gabe? How about a rousing game of Which Sterling? But that’s not all you can expect on this episode. There’s phalli for all as Travis presents the news and Dan challenges Travis with another round of Impossible Travia. It’s a new Dan & Travis Show.

May 13 – The Batcave Podcast: Episode 15 – The Bookworm Turns/While Gotham City Burns
A failed writer with an obsession with books has his sights on a rare collection of priceless works in the Gotham City Library. But how does he plan to get past the near indestructible doors? Batman and Robin match wits with the leather-clad Bookworm as played by Roddy McDowell in an episode that offers a number of firsts, including the first use of the harpsichord (which we totally forgot to mention in the podcast). Joining John to talk about The Bookworm is RevCast host and DragonCon American Sci-Fi Classic Track director Gary Mitchel.

May 17 – The Weekly Podioplex: May 13, 2014
Spidey falls to the new Neighbors, and he’ll likely never see first again. I bring you this and more on a new edition of The Weekly Podioplex.


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